Web presense with seo

Web presense with seo, first you would need to know “What is SEO”.  Seo stands for search engine optimization, which means
the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines.  The top 4 seach engines is google.com
bing.com, yahoo.com and ask.com.  Seo is consider more organic in a way, because it could all be done naturalyy and unpaid.

SEM is similar to SEO.  SEM stands for search engine marketing, basically you would paid for the results to show up on the search engine
which would result in more traffic.  Which means more sales in general, could get costly if the returns are low.  Another
expense you would have to tally up daily.  Depending on the search terms, it could cost you as low as .05-40.00+ with these
expenses could add up quickly. 

This is where you can find someone locally, or search the interent.  For example:  austin seo the results are huge in google
I would recommend looking through the top 10.  Do not settle with the first one on the list, research at least 3 before deciding
which company you are going to look for.  If you are not happy search again.  For example: austin search engine these
search terms only work for your area.  I recommend locally, unless they can prove results.

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